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So this thing’s rearing its ugly head again.  Not like it ever really went away, but things were starting to quiet down a little until Penn State went and hosted some town hall meetings and it became apparent that many alumni either don’t give a shit about children or are completely ignorant when it comes to Joe Paterno’s involvement in the cover up of this scandal.  I had only touched on this Penn State story briefly before but because one of the town hall meetings was held in Pittsburgh, and those in attendance did their best to make Pittsburghers look like we’re all pro-pedophilia, I figured I need to dive in here and clear up a few things.

First, for anyone not familiar with the area, Penn State’s campus in State College, PA is quite far from Pittsburgh (about 140 miles).  It’s in central PA, while Pittsburgh is in the western part of the state and Philadelphia is to the east.  It’s a big state.  We do have a lot of alumni in Pittsburgh and I have friends and neighbors that went there.  But Penn State is not in or near Pittsburgh.  WE TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SHIT THAT WENT DOWN.

Jerry Sandusky allegedly molested a bunch of kids.  He’ll get his day in court.  What we do know for sure right now is that Mike McQueary, then a graduate assistant with the football team, told a grand jury under oath that he witnessed Sandusky raping a little boy in the locker room showers and then told Paterno what he saw.  Then Paterno, also under oath, admitted to the grand jury that McQueary did indeed tell him that he saw Sandusky doing something “of a sexual nature” to a little boy in the showers but he waited a couple days before telling his superiors and no one else.  The police were never notified.

Had I been in Paterno’s situation, I call my superiors, the police, the kid’s parents AND A FUCKING EXORCIST.  Then I have a contractor raze the entire sports complex and rebuild it from scratch.  I wouldn’t want to take the chance that any Sandusky jizz residue is lurking in the tile grout or on a stapler or something.  NO THANKS ON THE CRAZY GUY SEMEN.  I have to imagine sales for shower shoes exploded after this story was made public.

We know for a FACT that Paterno was told by McQueary that he saw Sandusky and a little boy in the showers together doing something sexual.  Now some might argue that Paterno may not have believed what McQueary told him.  If that was the case, though—if Paterno did indeed think that McQueary was a liar—then why would he later hire him as a full-time assistant coach on his staff?  I personally wouldn’t hire someone who lies about something as serious as child molestation.  No matter how you look at it—Paterno was in the wrong.  Something was amiss with his program—but he chose to ignore it.

After he was fired, Paterno then admitted that he didn’t do enough.  No shit, Joe.  How do people still defend Paterno after all of this?  Sandusky was free to continue molesting and Penn State even let him host a kid’s football camp on their property as recently as 2009!  Paterno may have been a great coach and he may have helped shape the lives of a lot of young men; but the fact is that Paterno knew about the allegations, yet turned a blind eye.  Paterno fucked up royally here.  He was deservedly fired and his reputation is forever tarnished.  I don’t care how many people vouch for how great a guy Paterno was (that means you, Franco)—he harbored a pedophile and that is inexcusable.  Fuck him.  I hope his cancer spreads and he can’t die soon enough.  And for the people still defending him—WAKE THE FUCK UP!

UPDATE (01/28/12):  Paterno died a week after I wrote “I hope his cancer spreads and he can’t die soon enough.”  Holy Shit.  Who ELSE should I wish ill will upon?

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