Why Printed Books Are Better Than eBooks

Why Printed Books Are Better Than eBooks

Ask any reader whether they prefer physical or electronic books, and they will surely have an answer. While eBooks offer convenience and portability, many argue that printed books provide a richer, more engaging experience. Here are four reasons why printed books are better than eBooks.

Tangible Experience

Reading an eBook can’t beat the tactile experience of reading a printed book. Especially in today’s digital age, holding a book and physically turning the pages can create an immersive reading experience that helps you feel even more connected to the story you’re reading. Additionally, you can store physical books on a bookshelf to personalize your living space with your favorite titles.

No Battery

One of the most practical advantages of printed books is that they don’t require batteries. No matter where you are, you can always read a physical book. You can enjoy a printed book even during emergency power outages or in remote locations. While eBooks may initially seem convenient, they are cumbersome when traveling or when you can’t charge your eReader.

Academic Benefits

Reading paper books has academic benefits as well as practical ones. Physical books allow for highlighting and notetaking, reduce distractions, and improve student focus. As a result, students who read printed materials are more likely to remember the story or information they read. Even for those reading for pleasure, these benefits can ensure you retain what you’ve read.

Reduced Eye Strain

Reading from screens for prolonged periods can lead to eye strain. Printed books offer a more comfortable reading experience and decrease your risk of developing dry, uncomfortable eyes from reading. Screens also emit blue light, which disrupts sleep patterns. Opting for printed materials over an eBook can improve sleep quality and reduce eye strain.

While eBooks have their place in the modern world, there are many reasons why printed books are better than eBooks. From academic benefits to a more present reading experience, physical books offer advantages that eBooks can’t beat.