Essential Tips for Cold Weather Grilling Sessions

Essential Tips for Cold Weather Grilling Sessions

The chilly weather might discourage you from firing up the grill during the late fall and winter, but don’t let it stop you. It might take some extra steps but grilling during the colder months is entirely doable. You just need to know the essential tips for cold weather grilling sessions, and you’ll be ready to fire up the grill.

Bundle Up

First, you’ll want to dress appropriately for the weather. Grab a heavy coat that still has room for fluid arm movements. You’ll need this for placing and flipping the food. Just be wary when it comes to winter accessories. A hat is fine, but you should skip the scarf and gloves. You’ll be working near open flames, and you don’t want to wear any extra articles of clothing that could accidentally catch fire. If you do wear gloves, make sure they’re grill-safe versions that protect you from the flames.

Cover the Grill

If you live in an area that sees snow during the winter, you likely already know to keep your grill covered during the cold seasons. Invest in a grill cover. Otherwise, you’ll be scraping snow off your grill every time you want to use it. This goes for when you’re grilling, too. Of course, you shouldn’t use the cover while cooking. But try to keep the grill closed as much as possible to avoid letting heat escape. It can take a long time for your grill to heat up in the cooler months, and the escape of heat can mess with your grill’s internal temperatures, requiring you to cook the food longer.

Always Test Meat Temperature

When it comes to temperature and cooking times in the winter, it can take some practice to get things right. As mentioned, it takes longer for your grill to heat up, and heat will escape easier when you open the lid. This is why it’s always crucial to check the temperature of your meat when you take it off the grill. Cross-reference the ideal internal temperature of whatever meat you’re cooking. Particularly with pork, you want to make sure that you’ve cooked the meat thoroughly before serving.

Now that you have these essential tips for cold weather grilling sessions, you can extend your grilling season even as it gets chillier. Don’t let the cold and snow stop you from enjoying a nice grilled meal any longer.