Have You Ever Heard About SARMs? Here’s What It Is And The Types

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SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, are a relatively new class of performance-enhancing drugs that fall into the same category as anabolic steroids, but with a few key differences.

They are known to offer identical effects as anabolic steroids. The best part is that they are much safer than steroids. This is because they do not interfere with your hormones and genetic makeup but work on your muscle tissues directly. 

SARMs are actually tissue-selective, which means that they only affect the tissues that control growth and muscle mass. They do not affect other tissues, like your reproductive system, liver, and so on.  

This is the reason why people are considering SARMs more than steroids. SARMs are also known as “designer steroids”, and they are used to enhance athletic performance and bodybuilding. BCAAs or creatine is less potent than SARMs.  The good thing about them is that they are more anabolic than androgenic. As androgenic offers more side effects, hence they are not preferred. Are you getting confused? Wait don’t get confused as we have jotted down the types of SARMs so that you get a clear picture of them. 

Types of SARMs

We know that SARMs are safer and beneficial than steroids. Now let’s have a complete look at some of the popular variants:


The most widely known SARM is Ostarine (also commonly known as Enobosarm). This one is the most common type that is available in the market. There are many companies who are selling it and the best way is to get it online as you may get SARMs for sale that will help in getting it at a comparatively lower price. People who want to get in shape can consume it orally and they work in various ways. When you wish to bulk in then Ostarine is the best, as it helps in strength, lean muscle mass, insulin sensitivity, and athletic performance. 

With the help of it, you can burn the body fat and enhance the metabolism that will offer energy to the body. 


Ostarine is popularly known in the market as compared to Ligandrol but it is one of the most famous and safer variants of SARMs. It is taken orally and even recommended to people who are facing mental health issues as it offers a sense of well-being and happiness. 

Furthermore, as it enhances muscle strength, hence it is taken during the cutting phase by the fitness enthusiasts. You may wish to useLigandrol if you are looking to burn fat and enhance strength at the same time. 


You are required to have Andarine which is the popular variant of SARMs if you are looking to build muscles. In this variant, there are many anabolic properties and it is known as one of the excellent formulae to promote lean muscle mass and bone mass. It doesn’t harm or damage any organ and that’s one of the best parts of consuming it.  And it not only burns fat but prevents water retention. Thus it is quite a favorite variant of SARMs. 


Last but not the least, Testolone, provides anabolic properties that will be needed for building muscles but without resulting in conflicting effects. 

Final Words

To enhance strength, boost your muscles, and get in good shape, SARMs can help. But it is advisable to intake this supplement after consulting your doctor. It doesn’t have any adverse effect, but to be on the safer side it’s better to get medical approval on this. A healthy life is all that you are living and looking for.