You could probably call me one of the biggest Pittsburgh homers in the city even though I currently reside out of town. I praise the sports teams (yes, even the Pirates), the cost of living, the great schools, and the wonderful neighborhoods. OK, so I gripe about the boy mayor and the ridiculous taxes property owners have to pay, and even the antiquated liquor laws. But I don’t display an over-the-top passion like some do. Even I, at times, can take a step back and say—this idea is kind of crazy.

I bring this up because of the hysteria that pervaded the city a few weeks ago about bringing the Summer Olympics into the region. If you missed the hoopla—the Olympic Committee sent letters to 35 cities inquiring about their interest in hosting and bidding on the games. I should probably disclose that I’m not a big fan of the Olympic games, except for hockey. I think Olympic hockey is an incredible showcase for the NHL. Maybe the reason I enjoy it is because it’s a highly competitive team sport featuring athletes that I have actually seen play.

The tourism board of Pittsburgh, the Mayor’s Office, county politicians, and the media were in a frenzy about the possibility and the honor of hosting a worldwide event. The two main reasons were the exposure the city would receive along with the financial boon to the region.

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Twits Criticizing Tweets

So Andrew McCutchen took to the Twittersphere on Monday complaining about flying coach, and local sports personalities like Ron Cook and even national blowhards like Bob Ryan, went ballistic.

Here’s the tweet:

Many fans took issue with Cook especially and chastised him for being “too negative” on the Pirates in the midst of a miraculous season. (By the way, aren’t we on the same page as last year’s “miraculous” season through mid-July?)

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4 Ways to Make the Summer Olympics More Interesting

Oh joy.

NBC is beginning its promotions for the Summer Olympics already. Actually, they began during the Super Bowl—but they’re running non-stop now, especially during the Today Show (which my wife has on every morning).

The Peacock network paid billions for the exclusive rights to broadcast the games, so I can certainly understand why they want to blitz us with ads every 10 minutes during commercial breaks. (Too bad they couldn’t muster the same amount of enthusiasm to promote some of their TV shows like the now-cancelled and brilliant, Friday Night Lights, and Community, which is being to moved to Fridays in the fall.)

Also, the Summer Olympics are a tough sell. Most people are out more during the summer than they are in the winter, so we do see more ads for the Summer Games than we do in the Winter.

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          Oh, God. No. Not the Damn Pirates.

The Pirates made a big splash over the weekend by signing Yankees’ reject, 35-year-old, right-handed pitcher, AJ Burnett. The way some Pirates’ fans have reacted, you would have thought that they just signed Justin Verlander. Even his peers think he’s overrated.

Sorry, don’t count me as one of those who is excited about the trade.

Pirates’ messageboards and the Facebook posts from diehards have been calling this one of the BEST SIGNING MANAGEMENT HAS MADE IN YEARS. They keep pointing out that with Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder gone from the National League Central, this makes the Pirates a playoff contender. One delusional fan boldly predicted the Pirates will win the NL now.


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Our Own Factory of Sadness

In less than three weeks, baseball purists around the globe will be restless with anticipation as spring training begins— kicking off another mundane baseball season. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy baseball—to some degree. I don’t despise it as much as Dr. Spaceman. On the contrary, I actually follow the Pirates and I even own some Pirates gear.

And yes, I have to admit that I do attend the games with Mrs. Coctostan. In fact, since the 1985 season, I’ve attended at least a half-dozen Pirates’ games each year. I started going thanks to the Straight A program at my grade school that punished rewarded students with $1.00 General Admission tickets.  Today they use the promotion for detention.

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