Unique Sustainable Foods To Add to Your Diet

Unique Sustainable Foods To Add to Your Diet

There are so many reasons why people are moving away from traditional foods and methods of consumption and toward more sustainable practices. From resource efficiency to environment health, there are many benefits to choosing what you eat based on its environmental impact. Luckily, there isn’t really a limit on the foods you can have, as so many foods are produced sustainably these days. In fact, here are some unique sustainable foods to add to your diet.

Stone Crabs

Stone crabs are native to Florida, with a hunting season from October to May. Unlike most other crab meat, you can eat their meat without killing the crab. This, along with a few other peculiarities, is why they’re great for sustainability.


Not all algae are consumable, but plenty of species can provide a great meal. Algae feature as ingredients and toppings to a lot of meals, giving dishes extra texture and depth. Algae can also make for a full meal by itself in a sort of salad dish. It grows extremely quickly and is very common anywhere with a lot of water.


A cactus is a lot more than just a sharp plant in the desert; it’s can also be a nutrient-rich meal that grows in the harshest of climates. It provides food in plenty of places that have trouble growing other crops. It also doubles as a great biofuel.


Unlike basically every other animal or food we eat, growing mussels requires little to no maintenance or upkeep. They also don’t eat or need fertilizer, making them very resource efficient to farm and harvest. They produce very few environmental effects during their growth.

By adding these unique sustainable foods to add to your diet, you can feel good about your food choices while enjoying some of the more interesting foods in the world.