Ways To Stay Stylish and Cool In the Summer

Ways To Stay Stylish and Cool In the Summer

During the summertime, people want to be comfortable and find relief from the burning heat. One way to make outdoor days a little easier is to dress in comfortable and fashionable clothes. Here are the ways to stay stylish and cool in the summer.

Colors Matter

While colors may not matter for cold weather, they have a significant impact during the warmer days. Dark colors soak up and retain the sunlight, while the lighter colors reflect the rays. To stay cool, remember to wear lighter colors on your outdoor adventures.

Avoid Tight Fits

Tight clothing on a hot summer day feels highly uncomfortable, especially if you tend to sweat. Be sure to avoid the sticky sensation by wearing looser clothing, but make sure it still has structure. Flimsy clothing tends to cling to sweat, so you want to avoid it if possible.

Breathable Fabrics

Of course, no one wants to wear a thick wool sweater in the middle of a sweltering summer afternoon. When creating your summer wardrobe, use fabrics that are breathable and lightweight. A few examples of these types of materials are cotton, linen, rayon, and silk.

Comfortable Shoes

Everyone should avoid sweaty, stinky feet, and the best way to do this is by wearing comfortable and well-ventilated shoes. There are many different types of breathable shoe materials, so make sure you choose the best one for your lifestyle. If you decide to wear flip-flops or sandals, make sure you protect the tops of your feet from the sun.

Hats and Light Scarfs

Another way to stay stylish and cool during the summer is to wear hats and scarves. Too often, people forget to protect their heads from the sun. One of the best ways to protect your head and neck is to wear a hat and light scarf. A couple of hat options include a baseball cap, straw hat, a large bucket hat, and more. For the scarf, make sure the material is very lightweight, thin, and comfortable.