The Most Beautiful State Parks in Oregon

The Most Beautiful State Parks in Oregon

Oregon is a fantastic place to visit, and the state parks are some of the best places to see. If you’re planning a trip through Oregon, be sure to include these five locations and maybe a cultural arts center or two in your agenda. Oregon has over 250 state parks, and that’s not even counting national and local parks. With so many options for exploring nature, you’ll want to be picky about which locations you visit. We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful and unique state parks in Oregon—those that are worth a trip to marvel at their beauty or explore their unique features.

Smith Rocks State Park

One of Oregon’s most beautiful state parks is Smith Rocks State Park, located in Terrebonne, Oregon. The park is known for its unique rock formations, including columns and arches. It’s also a popular rock-climbing destination—the park has many trails and is a great place to hike and explore.

Cove Palisades State Park

Explore this beautiful park area at your own pace. Located on the Oregon Coast, Cove Palisades State Park is a popular rock-climbing area and whale-watching destination. The park features a stunning coastline of steep cliffs, rocky coves, and sandy beaches. It offers spectacular views of the ocean while you hike through a forested area with plenty of trees and shrubs growing along its path.

Sunset Bay State Park

The park is part of the Oregon State Park system, which was established in 1963 as a wildlife preserve for elk and deer. It has since been expanded to include camping facilities for campers and RVs and boat launches suitable for small boats. It also has picnic areas with tables and grills, playgrounds, and hiking trails that connect with other nearby trails. Plus, it has a camp store with restrooms that have hot showers!

Bald Peak State Park 

Bald Peak State Park is a beautiful outdoor setting that offers many activities such as hiking, bird watching, and wildflower viewing; you can see several species of wildflowers throughout the park. The park has over 20 miles of excellent walking trails; you can also find other plants and animals within Bald Peak State Park, including coyotes and deer.

There are about 13 miles of trails for hikers to enjoy, and there are also many types of wildlife within the park that you can see during your visit. Be sure to pack your water because none is available within the park.

Nehalem Bay State Park

If you don’t mind getting a little wet, this beautiful state park in Oregon is the state park for you. The summer months are popular for swimming and boating, but if you’re looking to avoid crowds and rainy days, come during the winter when most people are too busy sledding in the snow to visit this secluded beach.

These are some of the gorgeous state parks in Oregon. Each park has a ton of hiking trails, cliffs overlooking the ocean with spectacular views, and opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the West Coast.