Fashion Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

Fashion Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

Glasses have a history of being dorky accessories, even when you wear them for legitimate medical reasons. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth; it’s just that it has taken fashion a bit longer to catch up to the potential of glasses. Nowadays, you can use some good fashion tips for wearing glasses to create a solid style and look amazing.

Frames That Fit Your Style

The first step to looking good with your glasses is to find a frame that’ll fit your style, as the frame can say a lot about you. A thin black frame is a universal style that fits most aesthetics, but a silver option is sleeker and will stand out. There are many colorful frames, which may also fit your aesthetic better than a simple design.

Consider Your Face Shape

Many people make the mistake of buying a frame without first considering the shape of their face. Remember that the look of your glasses will change depending on your face. Glasses will highlight different features of your face, and you want them to compliment your natural facial structure. Otherwise, your face may look lopsided or odd when you wear your glasses. Here’s a closer look at how to choose glasses that fit your face shape.

Use Lighter Makeup

Glasses take up a lot of room on your face, creating natural shadows and darkening your face. This makes dark makeup more pronounced and can overly shade your face compared to lighter makeup options. One of the best fashion tips you can follow for glasses is switching to a brighter makeup palette. Also, glasses magnify your eyes and the area around them, so keep that in mind when applying makeup.

Smaller Accessories

Because glasses cover a lot of facial real estate, they can overshadow a lot of other accessories. It’s a mistake to try to use loud and large accessories around your face with glasses, as it’ll just overwhelm all your features, making your face seem too busy. Opt for smaller, simpler accessories such as stud earrings that can complement your look rather than detract from it.

These glasses tips can help you adjust your style to best fit your new addition. Following these steps, you can make glasses work for you and add to your style rather than detract from it.