Essential Traits Every Successful Golfer Possesses

Essential Traits Every Successful Golfer Possesses

Being good at golf requires something intrinsically more than having a sweet swing. It takes a special person to dominate from the tee to the green. You’ll notice the true greats all have these essential traits every successful golfer possesses.

Intense Focus

Golf is a game that tests your mental strength more than it does your physical skills. Many things can divert a player’s attention from focusing on the next shot. Even a pair of squirrels dashing up a tree can affect your shot since they can break your concentration. A successful golfer has laser focus. They’re in their own world when they approach the ball. The only thing that matters is the next shot.

A Competitive Edge

Having a competitive edge can help people accomplish great things. Whether you want to prove it to yourself or someone else, that little extra something can make an ordinary golfer into someone special. If you have the fire in your belly to constantly get better, breaking 100 for the first time can be a real possibility. You’ll want to return for more once you get a taste of success.


When someone is uber-competitive, they usually have a confidence that they show. Being pompous and arrogant has no place on the golf course. However, confidence can help lower your handicap. If you envision smoking a drive down the fairway, you can walk to the tee box with a state of mind that helps you perform better.


Most average golfers don’t have tricks up their sleeves, taking the type of shots every ordinary golfer would make. However, elite golfers can hit flop shots and runners and control the ball’s spin.

A creative golfer can make extraordinary shots that leave people’s jaws on the floor. If you notice someone getting within five feet from the pin with a sick high flop shot, you know they can do amazing things. You can try these wild shots yourself by honing your skills on a golf simulator before you try on the course.

The Ability To Move On

The best golfers don’t dwell on the birdie putt they bladed two holes ago. Instead, they focus on what’s ahead rather than thinking about the past. If they don’t forget, a minor blip on the green can negatively affect the rest of their round. Even the best players hit bad shots, but they get over it—and you should too.

The essential traits that successful golfer possess are helpful to know. Theycan give you a leg up on the competition, making the beautiful game of golf more fun.