5 Things To Remember When Buying an ATV Helmet

5 Things To Remember When Buying an ATV Helmet

Riding your ATV through parks or on a rugged trail can be a lot of fun, but it can be dangerous if you don’t have the right helmet. If you need tips on shopping for this essential piece of gear, here are five things to remember when buying an ATV helmet.

Avoid Buying a Used ATV Helmet

Although you may think you can get a good deal on a used ATV helmet, the money you save isn’t worth the risk. Throughout a used helmet’s life, it may have experienced damage that has weakened its ability to protect you properly. Purchase a new ATV helmet instead to increase your chances of staying safe.

Don’t Buy a Snowmobile Helmet

If your seller is out of ATV helmets, don’t think a snowmobile helmet is a good substitution. There are several differences between snowmobile and ATV helmets that you shouldn’t overlook.

For example, an ATV helmet has vents that keep your head cool and dry as you ride. But if you use a snowmobile helmet, its system will keep you warm, making you more sweaty and less comfortable on your ATV adventure.

Ensure Your Helmet Fits

Another thing to remember when buying an ATV helmet is to buy one that fits your head properly. When you try it on, see if you can move it around with your hands. If it seems loose, you should look at another helmet since this one isn’t your size and won’t protect you.

Determine if It Is Comfortable

After finding a helmet that fits on your head, ask yourself whether it feels comfortable. Although it may be the right size, it won’t make riding fun if you wear a helmet that hurts you. Instead, it might make you not want to wear the helmet at all, putting you at an even greater risk.

Look for Helmets With Liners

Finding a helmet with a removable liner is a wise decision. Although these can be useful for keeping the inside of your helmet clean, they can also help if you’re in an accident. Liners with a quick-release feature will allow paramedics to easily take off the cheek pads and lining without causing more damage to your head or neck.

Keeping these things in mind as you shop for a helmet will allow you to purchase a product that will keep you safe. As you wear your helmet, you can worry less if you’ve protected your head well enough and concentrate more on the trails.