Careers for People Who Love Working With Their Hands

Careers for People Who Love Working With Their Hands

If you enjoy working with your hands, you’re probably not too keen on working a desk job for the rest of your life, and that’s totally fine! There are lots of other options to make a living. Here are a few careers for people who love working with their hands.

Film/Theatre Production

Are you interested in film or theatre? Try getting into media production, where you can work as a camera operator, stage manager, or even director! Of course, this career path may demand you to start from the bottom and work your way up, but it’s rewarding throughout the whole journey.

You’ll be on your feet all day through 14-hour shifts (yes, 12–14 hours is typical in the TV/film industry) and working with your hands to create a beautiful production. A professional camera operator can make an average of $84,000 in this industry, depending on the project, location, and production company.

There is no such thing as “downtime” for the tech crew in the live theatre industry—the show’s success rests on your shoulders. The average pay for a theatre technician is about $45,000. This role is a great learning experience, and you’ll get to meet lots of fantastic performers.


If you enjoy the idea of building highways or businesses for the community, the construction role may be for you! Construction is a physically demanding career, but it’s a fulfilling experience and teaches you many excellent skills that you can apply at home. You can earn at least $30,000 in construction, but salaries differ depending on experience, location, and training.

Massage Therapist

Do you like the idea of helping people relax and breathe their stress away? A massage therapist uses specific techniques to manipulate the muscles and encourage circulation, pain relief, and relaxation.

You can train and receive your certificate online or perform hands-on training through a company. There are lots of massage spas located throughout the U.S. that provide advanced education in the field. The average massage therapist can earn about $38,000.

Casino Dealer

Dealing at a casino can be a fun job if you take pleasure in roles that focus on hand-eye coordination. In this role, you’ll run the casino’s games, including dealing the cards, taking bets, and, most importantly, monitoring for suspicious behavior. The average pay for a casino dealer is approximately $36,000, with the potential to make more as you gain experience.


This one is a great career for people who love working with their hands. In the real estate industry, a house-flipper will purchase a low-value home or business and perform renovations, upgrades, and repairs to boost its value, then sell it for profit. However, there can be room for mishaps in this industry, so be sure you know the four common house-flipping mistakes to avoid.

The pay varies from building to building, but the average house-flipper has the chance to earn about $60,000 profit after flipping and reselling a home.

If you’re ready to leave your desk job, try looking into the above careers for people who love working with their hands! You may find you’re more skilled at specific jobs than others, so be sure to determine your goal and what you’re hoping to get out of the position before you take the leap.