Aging & Mental Health- 5 Trusted Natural Remedies For Seniors

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Aging often elevates the risk of a host of health conditions, both physical and mental. The physical health issues are a tad easier to handle because you can see the signs and start treatment early. But things are different with mental ailments because most of them come out of the blue. Before you know, your aging parent may suffer from a severe cognitive impairment that is beyond treatment. 

Signs like anxiety and mood disorders are hard to detect at the early stages, and the condition may deteriorate sooner than you expect. Medicines can make things even worse as they often have side effects. Thankfully, you can rely on some natural remedies that help for addressing mental health issues in seniors. Here are some that deliver excellent results.

Physical exercise

Surprisingly, physical exercise goes a long way in keeping seniors healthy in the body and mind. Low-impact activities such as walking, stretching, and strength training reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and strengthen the bones and joints. Further, it promotes mental health by boosting the production of feel-good hormones. It also helps in preventing anxiety, stress, and depression in the elderly. 


Meditation gets your mind on track, and it can go a long way in maintaining and restoring cognitive health in seniors. Deep breathing, yoga, and mindfulness are the best forms of meditation for older people. It slows down racing thoughts and releases stress and anxiety. The benefits of these mental therapies extend to healing physical issues like pain, fatigue, and insomnia too. 

CBD oil

Another mental health remedy that seniors can rely on is CBD oil. It is completely safe and effective, making it a far better alternative to anti-depressants and anxiety medications. CBD is legal, and you can easily pick a product from a legit dispensary to get started with the therapy. Just check the cbd oil reviews before going ahead. It is also important to consult a medical marijuana doctor for recommendations on dosage. 

Social interactions

Staying connected with friends and loved ones goes a long way in keeping mental health on track, more so in aging people. Joining a group activity such as aerobics or a hobby class helps. Connecting through social media is another good idea in the pandemic era when social distancing is a norm. Family and friends should make conscious efforts to be in regular touch with the elderly to ensure that they never feel isolated.

Herbal teas and supplements

Another tried and tested natural remedy to promote mental wellness in seniors is herbal teas and supplements. Some herbs can balance the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone so that you feel calm and relaxed. It is easy to include herbal teas and supplements in your everyday diet, even if you struggle with age-related issues like reduced mobility. Brewing tea is effortless, and so is popping a pill. 

Age-related mental health issues are common, but seniors have many options to address them naturally. These remedies can help in slowing cognitive decline and even reversing damage in some cases. They are easy to follow and have no side effects, so you can adopt them without second thoughts. 

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