4 Volunteer Projects Perfect for the Summertime

4 Volunteer Projects Perfect for the Summertime

Giving back to your community is such a rewarding feeling. The action really does help make the world a better place. And what better time to lend a helping hand than when the weather is beautiful and cooperative? Check out these four volunteer projects, perfect for the summertime.

Conduct a Workshop

Is there something you’re really good at that you know others struggle with? Now’s the time to volunteer your services in that department. Host and conduct a small workshop for a specific demographic that requires your assistance.

It could be something like helping the elderly with technology. Maybe they need to know how to operate their phones, social media, tablet, or laptop. Reach out to the community and review the responses you get. Run through the basics of the subjects they want to learn and you know well so they can achieve their goals.

Organize a Cleanup

There’s no better time to show off the beauty of your community than in the summer. But people won’t see it if there’s too much trash in the way. Organize a community cleanup event and get everyone involved.

Make a list of all the supplies and resources you’ll need to be successful—trash bags and dumpster rentals, for sure. Choose a specific location you want to target to make the process easier. Once you clean the area, implement some best practices to ensure it stays beautiful.

Hydrate Those Experiencing Homelessness

The world worries about community members who are unhoused during the winter, and for good reason. Winter is a very unforgiving season. It can be dangerous to stay outside in those cold conditions. However, summer isn’t always a picnic either.

The heat is stifling, and while others have a home where they can retire to and enjoy A/C, those who are homeless don’t have that same luxury. Pass out water bottles, energy bars, and fresh fruit to help them keep hydrated and healthy. Doing so won’t solve all their problems, but it will provide them with much-needed support.

Visit the Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are in dire need of volunteers. These facilities are incredibly understaffed and struggle to maintain and care for the animals inside them. Animal shelters are always looking for good Samaritans willing to volunteer their time to assist.

Look up your local animal shelter and visit them. Ask if they need help, and see if you can get a few more community members willing to volunteer their time. Spending a day or two at your local animal shelter is a project that’s rewarding for all parties. After all, you can spend quality time with some fur babies in desperate need of love.

Make this summer a meaningful one. Choose one of these four volunteering projects to dedicate your time to.