Tips and Tricks for Hitting the Golf Ball Straight

Tips and Tricks for Hitting the Golf Ball Straight

Despite a small and stationary ball, hitting straight is one of the most challenging things to do in the world of golf. Even the greatest players on the planet will fall into a funk and spray their shots everywhere on the course. These tips and tricks for hitting the golf ball straight can help a beginner thrive, and a scratch golfer dominate.

Take Note of the Ball Position

Ball position is one of the most essential aspects of the game that does not get enough credit. Where you put the ball may have a domino effect on your technique. When the ball is on the ground, you’ll want the ball positioned according to the club chosen, with the trail shoulder slightly lower than the lead. Too much forward ball position may lead to open shoulders, resulting in pulls and cuts. Your pushes and hooks will come from locked shoulders due to a backward ball posture.

You’ll want to move up incrementally the shorter the club gets. For example, the ball for your sand wedge will be in the center of your stance, whereas your driver should require you to stay further back.

Ready, Aim, Fire

It’s common for golfers to strike a decent shot yet get into trouble. People often attribute poor shot results to faulty swing mechanics when, in fact, they were aiming in the wrong direction.

The clubface must aim towards the target, but the remainder of the body, including your eye line, must aim parallel to but not directly at the target. Training your eye to recognize what proper aiming looks like with the assistance of an alignment aid during practice is a great starting point for hitting it straight.

Keep a Balanced Tempo

Improper balance is the quickest way to ruin an otherwise perfect swing. Swinging with your feet together is one of the most effective drills to practice. If you move in a wasteful or unneeded way, you will likely lose your equilibrium and must take steps to regain it.

A skilled golfer may build momentum as the swing progresses. It’s a gradual increase in velocity; the sense of equal rhythm will help you avoid jerky or forced motion and keep one part of your body from racing ahead of another. The biggest power hitters in golf are experts in finding their balance and maintaining a constant tempo.

Find Your Grip

A solid grip is a primary factor in generating a straight ball flight. If your grip is comfortable and proportional to your body, your clubface will be square, and your ball flight will be straight. If you allow your arms to drop loosely from your shoulders, the club will fall naturally into your fingers rather than your palms. You should have a firm grip on the club, but not so tight that your wrists get stiff.

Finish Through the Swing

In addition to helping you look the part of a golfer, excellent players have mastered the art of keeping their finish until the ball lands. It is difficult to strike the ball straight if you must step to catch yourself. If you haven’t turned off your back foot, you’ll have plenty of time to realize and remedy the error before your next shot. Thus, maintaining a solid finish is the biggest indicator of a well-balanced swing.

Following these tips and tricks for hitting the golf ball straight can help make this frustrating game more bearable. There’s nothing better than hitting a drive flush and straight, so we hope that becomes more of a common occurrence instead of the exception.