What You Need To Know Before Building a PC

What You Need To Know Before Building a PC

If you’re on the fence about buying or building your computer, we’ll make this easy. Build your own. Let’s look at why that’s the better option and what you need to know before building a PC.

Why Not Get a Prebuilt PC?

Putting together your computer seems like lots of work, right? While building your PC is more complicated than ordering a prebuilt online, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. First, you’ll be able to create a better computer on your own for the same price as a prebuilt one. Because companies factor in labor costs to the price of a prebuilt PC, you’ll wind up with lesser components for more money.

Also, you’ll have to learn about the different parts of your new computer and where they go. Chances are, there will be an issue with your PC somewhere down the line, and you’ll need to replace a component. If you build your computer, you’ll know exactly where the CPU is and how to remove it.

Set a Budget (And Stick To It)

With the vast array of components available, you can build a computer for anywhere from 500 to 10,000 dollars. Figure out what you’re willing to spend on your PC and remember that number. It’s easy to opt for the better CPU because it’s only 40 dollars more. However, if you do that for every component, your wallet will not thank you.

Check for Compatibility

Use a site like PCPartPicker to organize all your components and make sure everything is compatible. You may need to refer to specific product pages to check dimensions, so make sure to do this when necessary. There’s no worse feeling than realizing your 1,000-dollar GPU doesn’t fit in your case.

What Is It For?

If you’re building a gaming machine, you’ll probably want a different keyboard than someone creating an editing workstation. Determine what you want your PC to do. If you want it to excel at many tasks, figure out which is the most arduous for a computer and build for that one. Then you’ll know the PC can handle the easier jobs without a problem.

Now that you’ve read about what you need to know before building your PC, you should start budgeting and researching components! Building a computer isn’t too hard once you understand it. So, watch some YouTube videos and read some blogs, and you’ll make an incredible machine.