Unique Salsa Combinations You Should Consider

Unique Salsa Combinations You Should Consider

If you have an influx of entertaining on the horizon, serving salsa is an excellent way to satisfy many guests. If you’re not an entertainer, that’s okay because these unique combinations are for everyone to try. To try something new and switch things up, let’s look at some new ways to enjoy a timeless classic!

Black Bean Salsa

A black bean salsa is an excellent way to pack in additional protein with a kick of flavor. Bring this combination together with freshly chopped tomatoes, washed and strained black beans, chopped red onion, and as much cilantro as you like. Another bonus with black bean salsa is it doubles as a taco filler for those who prefer meatless options.

Nutty Salsa Macha

Not many people know this, but salsa macha received the honor of being the most valuable condiment. Why? Because of its incredibly unique and authentic flavors. It combines an oily mixture of roasted peanuts, chili peppers, and all-natural ingredients like onion, garlic, and spices. Because it does not contain any tomatoes, it is an excellent choice for marinades or used as an ingredient in almost any dish.

Pineapple Salsa

Pineapple salsa with your favorite tortilla chips is the way to go for those who enjoy a sweet and salty pairing. This is also another way to impress a few guests. Using a fresh pineapple, cut the chunks off into marble-sized pieces and combine them with deseeded jalapenos, lime juice, chopped red onion, and any additional seasonings you like.

Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

Many avid gardeners have good luck growing a few tomatillo plants, so using these to make fresh tomatillo salsa is a unique way to use the best ingredients. Tomatillos bring together a combination of flavors from earthy to spicy to sweet. Add your preferred amount of cilantro and chopped red onion. Season as you wish.

Corn Salsa

Corn salsa is a staple, and it’s a cold and flavorful summer treat that works great as a side dish, as a filler for fish tacos, or with your favorite chips. It brings together a lot of fresh flavors. Combine corn, fresh cherry tomatoes, black beans, lime juice, and a dash of cumin; then, chill the dish until it’s ready. Top it off with a pinch of fresh cilantro.

Final Thoughts

The traditional red tomato salsa is a great option. But when you’re looking to add some variety to your favorite summer gatherings or meals, consider something unique and colorful. What will you try first?