Top Tips for Starting a New Tattoo Studio

Top Tips for Starting a New Tattoo Studio

The tattoo industry is a complicated place with a lot of moving parts. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a beginner, but we’re here to help. We’ve made a list of top tips for starting a new tattoo studio, and we’re covering everything from sustainability to defining your brand.

Use Social Media

When you finish a tattoo, ask the recipient if you can snap a picture and put it up on social media. This simple action helps get your name out there and get eyes on your work. Social media is essential in every industry these days, so don’t neglect it!

Define Your Brand and Style

Every artist needs to put their own spin on things—what’s yours? It’s okay if you don’t know yet! You’re just starting out, after all. But try different styles and see what comes naturally to you. When you find a style that works, find a way to make it your own. You’re much more likely to see success in this industry if you’re unique—otherwise, people could get your tattoos anywhere.

Be Sustainable

Tattooing isn’t the best industry for the planet—many inks are made with heavy metals, and some even require animal products. It takes a little effort at the beginning, but your clients (and the earth) will thank you for making strides toward sustainability. For instance, choose reusable ink cups. It saves you a little money in the long run and reduces the waste your studio produces.

Invest in Your Equipment

There are a few things every professional tattoo setup needs to have—working equipment is one of them. Yes, you can buy old, used machines that technically still turn on, but when they conk out in the middle of a tattoo, your reputation won’t thank you. Invest in quality equipment that helps you get the job done well. Your clients will appreciate it, and repeat customers are never a bad thing.

Now that you know these top tips for starting a new tattoo studio, pick up your equipment and supplies and start your tattooing journey!