Tips for Dealing With Incontinence While in Public

Tips for Dealing With Incontinence While in Public

Even though incontinence is a common issue for many older adults, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a stressful issue to deal with when in public places. However, you shouldn’t avoid going out simply because of your incontinence. Instead, you should use our list of useful tips for dealing with incontinence while in public.

Plan Ahead and Be Prepared

One thing you should do to manage incontinence better while away from home is to plan ahead. Map out the locations of restrooms in the places you plan to visit that day. If you’ve been there before, this shouldn’t be too difficult. But if you’re going somewhere new, some apps can help you find the nearest restroom in a pinch. Don’t forget to have a bathroom-ready kit handy, which may include items like incontinence pads, catheter supplies, wet wipes, or whatever else you typically use to manage your condition.

Dress for Success

Choosing the right clothing can be an essential factor in improving your confidence. Generally, you’ll want to opt for loose, comfortable clothing that can easily hide incontinence products. Dark, quick-drying clothing can also help conceal any potential leaks. No matter what you pick, though, make sure you wear clothes that you’re comfortable in. Feeling confident is key to not letting your incontinence get the best of you.

Master the Art of Changing in Public Restrooms

Changing incontinence products in public restrooms may initially feel uncomfortable, but it becomes easier with practice. Firstly, try to find a restroom that offers privacy, ideally one with larger stalls or even a separate family restroom. Even if you can’t find an ideal bathroom, it’s still possible to discreetly catheterize in a public restroom or change a pair of incontinence briefs if necessary. As long as you have your bathroom-ready kit on hand, you’ll be fine.

Monitor Your Fluid Intake

While it might be tempting to drastically cut your fluid intake, doing so can lead to dehydration and aggravate your condition more than usual. Instead, try to maintain a healthy and consistent level of hydration throughout the day, reducing your intake only as the evening approaches. Also, keep track of which beverages can potentially worsen incontinence (such as coffee or carbonated drinks) and limit your consumption of them when in public spaces.

Communicate With Confidence

One of the hardest aspects of dealing with incontinence while in public can be the fear of embarrassment or judgment from others. However, our most useful tip is to remember that you are not alone. Millions of people of all ages face this problem daily. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, calmly and confidently explain your condition to someone you trust. More often than not, people will be understanding and eager to accommodate your needs.