Nontraditional Fashion Styles: What To Wear

Nontraditional Fashion Styles: What To Wear

Almost everyone can recognize the standard dress code of America—blue jeans with T-shirts or sundresses. While this style is great, there are so many other nontraditional styles you can try out yourself. Here are just a few popular options people like to wear around the United States.

Goth Fashion

One style that is completely different than the traditional looks is goth fashion. This style focuses on looking dark and mysterious, with black fabrics and dark makeup tones. While people will change the style to fit them, thin clothes with a few layers are common.

Athleisure Fashion

Athleisure is a newer fashion with a brief history, but once you understand what athleisure is, you’ll want to try it. Athleisure focuses on clothing that feels comfortable to move in while still looking good when you’re outside. The style comes from sportswear, making it great for physical activity and looking your best as you’re out on the town.

Grunge Fashion

Grunge is a darker style but still likes to incorporate many designs and colors into the overall outfit. Typically, it’s durable clothing from thrift stores that creates cheap and good outfits. The style focuses on wearing loose clothing to hide the body’s silhouette and give an androgynous feel to the style.

Bohemian Fashion

With a focus on sustainable fabrics and accessories, the bohemian style has deep connections to the hippie fashion popular in the late 1960s and 1970s. It adds lots of accessories and flair to the hippie style to create a new fashion. The bohemian style, connected closely to the lifestyle, is all about sustainable practices and materials.

Cosplay Fashion

Cosplay is a growing fashion just starting to hit its stride in America, but it’s still a great nontraditional fashion style worth trying. The style doesn’t have a specific look, as cosplay is all about dressing up as characters from different media. These outfits can range from American heroes, like the Flash, to Japanese characters from various shows or movies. This style started in Japan but is popular around the world as people create and buy whole costumes and wear them out and about. It’s also popular to do closet cosplays, which are more traditional outfits inspired by characters made from clothes you already have.

These are just a few styles you can try out for yourself. Although they can feel a bit extreme at first, once you change the style to fit your comfort level, it won’t feel that way anymore. You’ll create a style that fits you and what you want to wear!