Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Joint pain is simply the natural consequence for many athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or simply older folks whose bodies have begun to rebel. Luckily, as it’s such a common issue, there are some natural remedies for joint pain that can help soothe the aches and keep you functioning at your very best no matter what you’re doing.

Take up Swimming

Swimming is the ideal exercise for burning calories, building strength, and improving the flexibility of your joints while being a low-impact workout that won’t put undue stress onto your joints. This will help you improve your joints without causing more pain. It’ll also help you regulate your weight, which is a possible component of joint pain, as extra weight increases stress on joints such as your knees, hips, and ankles.

CBD Products

More common than ever, CBD is quickly becoming one of the more popular natural remedies for joint pain thanks to its natural, consequent low, anti-inflammatory properties. It’s important to remember that CBD is not the same as marijuana (despite its close association) and therefore will not intoxicate you. Instead, CBD hemp flower can be used in a variety of ways such as baking them into pastries or being applied directly to the skin as a topical. For joint pain, we recommend a CBD topical for a more focused effect.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Some treatments for joint pain make use of either hot or cold temperatures depending on the circumstances. Heat therapy may be taking a long hot bath or shower to help ease the stiffness of your joints by loosening up your muscles. At night, if you have discomfort while trying to sleep, a heated blanket or damp heating pad can help.

Cold treatments such as applying ice or frozen vegetables to a wound are helpful for relieving joint pain if you notice any swelling. The cold will help soothe and reduce inflammation, but make sure you don’t apply the ice directly to your skin. Keep the bag of ice or frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel or something similar before application.