Medication Mistakes That Could Make You Sick

Medication Mistakes That Could Make You Sick

To many, modern medicine is a miracle. It may have its critics, but medicine has made great strides in many medical fields for control, prevention, and cure. Thanks to medical advancements, the right combination of drugs can truly change a person’s life by alleviating or lessening their symptoms. However, even the slightest medication mistake can cause a detrimental health effect.

No matter our age, medication errors can happen if we don’t take meds carefully. To stay in control of your medication regimen, you should avoid the following medication mistakes that could make you sick.

Intermixing: Drug To Drug Interaction

When a person is taking two or more medications, there’s bound to be a chance of an adverse reaction. The interaction between two drugs that don’t mix can lead to negative side effects, and it also causes the reduction of the drugs’ overall effectiveness within the body.

Even if an individual does not take prescription meds, inappropriate mixing of prescription or OTC meds, vitamins, and herbal supplements can cause unfavorable effects. If you are going to start taking a supplement, vitamin, or herbal remedy, ask your physician or pharmacist about a reputable brand that’s safe to take.

Taking Drugs on an Empty or Fuller Stomach

Taking drugs with or without food is one of the top medication mistakes that could make you sick. Each bottle of medicine contains a set of directions. Food—and especially certain types of food—will directly affect how the drug is absorbed within the body.

Medications that irritate the stomach should be taken with food. Conversely, medications that are absorbed slowly should be taken on an empty stomach. Always read the directions or ask a professional about taking drugs with or without food. You can also ask about specific foods to avoid. Your diet can cause unfavorable food-drug interactions and mess with your meds.

Drug Toxicity: Medication Dosage and Frequency

If you take a medication dosage that’s too high or take the regular dosage too often, there’s an increased possibility of serious side effects. Drug metabolism can be complex to understand, but it’s critical to realize how drugs are metabolized in the body to avoid bad effects.

Metabolism rates increase due to the innate chemical concertation of the drug. Particular patient factors also contribute to a specified rate. Think about what’s on the label so you can protect your health.