How To Get Better at Golf Without Lessons

How To Get Better at Golf Without Lessons

One of the most frustrating sports to be bad at is golf. The fact that a small, stationary ball can cause you to blow your top is one reason you should do everything you can to improve your skills. Unfortunately, golf is expensive, particularly if you rely on an instructor to guide you. But learning to get better at golf without lessons may solve your troubles.

Align in the Sand

How you stand when you hit a golf ball is equally as critical to your success as your swing. Many golfers fall into the trap of improper alignment without realizing it. You may think you’re aiming at your target, but your feet and shoulders tell a different story.

Alignment is critical for a beginner golfer. Try a golf alignment stick or take your driver out of your bag to maintain your alignment where it needs to be. The goal is to have your eyes, feet, and arms parallel slightly left of your target. The club or stick on the ground acts as your reference point.

Zeroing in on your alignment leads to more straight shots instead of forcing you to mosey to the opposite fairway to retrieve your ball.

Practice With a Purpose

As enjoyable as going to the driving range and crushing 50 straight with your driver is, that doesn’t help you lower your score. It might help you off the tee, but you’re neglecting 75 percent of your game.

Practice with a purpose in mind. Focus on one part of your game rather than doing a little here and there. If going to the range isn’t helping your game, investing in a golf simulator might be worth it. A simulator is one of the most creative ways athletes use to train. It uses video technology to give you more information than you could imagine, such as where you hit the ball on the clubface and your ever-so-important alignment.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Modest gains are real in the realm of golf. Spending a little time concentrating on minor things may make a big difference in limiting your strokes. For example, cleaning your equipment, shoes, and grips can help your game. A clean club ensures you will always hit the ball cleanly, without dirt or grime interfering with the contact. As far as we know, you don’t need a golf instructor to teach you how to scrub a club.

Short & Simple

Hitting the ball a country mile is a fun skill to possess. You may get the “oohs” and “ahhs” from the other bystanders, but it doesn’t mean a thing if you give away three or four strokes because your short game is lacking.

Golfers often ignore their short game because they love the long ball. At most, you will use your driver 13-14 times a round, figuring there are a handful of short par threes on the course. However, you will likely use your wedge and putter three to four times a hole. Being a magician within 100 yards of the hole ensures you never you don’t have to write double-digits on the scorecard.

Practicing these tips should help you get better at golf without taking lessons. There’s no need to fork over thousands of dollars when an instructor tells you things you can do independently. So, you can spend that money upgrading your equipment before hitting the course again.