Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love to DIY

Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love to DIY

It can be difficult to find new inspiration when shopping for Father’s Day gifts each year. Luckily, if your dad or husband is a handyman who loves working with his hands, there are plenty of ideas for you to turn to. If you’re unsure what to get for your dad this year, consider these Father’s Day gifts for dads who love to DIY.

Tool Bench Additions

If your dad or husband is the resident handyman, odds are he has quite the selection of tools already. However, hand tools don’t last forever—they can start to show their age through rust and other damage over time. Peruse through Dad’s toolbox to see if any of his go-to tools need replacing or if any tools are missing. If you’re not the tool-savvy type, you could always opt for a customized tool like an engraved pocketknife or other multi-use tools that are always useful to have in a tool chest.

Gifts To Make Cleanup Easier

For dads who love DIY projects, nothing is more annoying than the mess that comes with the DIY process. Whether he’s building at the tool bench, grilling out back, fixing up the car, or otherwise, no dad wants to clean up a mess afterward. So why not get him some items that can help make the cleanup process easier? Items like a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, retracting extension cord reel, motorized grill brush, and more are fantastic gift ideas that speed up cleanup time.

Smithing Kit

So, what do you give the dad who already has everything above and more? You’ve got to get creative in this situation. If your dad or husband is the type who loves DIY projects and working with his hands, consider paving the way to a new hobby for him with a smithing kit. Modern-day blacksmithing, jewelry smithing, and even sword smithing are popular crafts for those who love working with their hands and creating handmade products and gifts. Start by selecting the right furnace to get him set up, or go with a blacksmithing starter kit to ensure Dad has everything he needs to get crafting.

Have any of these Father’s Day gifts for dads who love to DIY caught your attention? Once you find inspiration for Father’s Day gifts this year, pick some wrapping, write a card, and celebrate everything your dad has done for his family!