What’s an Easy Sport You Can Perform Well at Quickly?

What’s an Easy Sport You Can Perform Well at Quickly?

Many people fall into the trap of sticking with things they know and have confidence in, causing folks to miss out on an opportunity to expand their horizons. For sports, it’s challenging to get over the fear of being bad at something because it sucks the fun out of the game. But trying an easy sport you can perform well at quickly can lead to positive results.

Pulling a Munson: Bowling

Any sport that doesn’t require oodles of athletic ability or endurance is assuredly a sport with the most minor learning curve. Bowling is a prime example because anyone of any body type can roll 13 strikes in a row if they put in the effort. Anyone who has regularly bowled in their lifetime has a perfect game to their name, so who’s to say after a few months you couldn’t be a kingpin? The most challenging part of bowling is finding your sweet spot and maintaining muscle memory. But once you find it, you’ll be crashing pins with consistency.

Don’t Get Skunked: Cornhole

In the same vein as bowling, there is cornhole. A game that many people associate with tailgating and backyard shenanigans actually has a professional circuit that gets television coverage on ESPN. There isn’t much to cornhole other than throwing beanbags with pinpoint precision.

Once you have that under control, the world is yours. However, when you watch professionals at work, it’s mind-boggling how automatic they are. But don’t let that stop you from being public enemy number one at someone’s backyard shindig.

Protect and Serve: Volleyball

Now we’re getting into sports that do require some swift movements, although volleyball is relatively easy on the body. Volleyball is a blast to play during the summer on a packed beach or in various leagues around the community.

You can either play two-person volleyball or in more of a team setting. Regardless of your choice, you should pick up on the game fast. You may not be ready to qualify for the Olympics, but you should be formidable enough to be respectable.

The New Craze: Pickleball

Quietly, pickleball is becoming America’s new favorite pastime. Every year the popularity of pickleball continues to grow, mainly because it’s pretty easy to learn. A pickleball court is half the size of a tennis court, so the game suits those of any skill level and athletic capabilities. Once you know the basics, like serving and holding a pickleball paddle, you’ll learn to enjoy this highly addictive sport.

Talk About a Hole-in-One: Disc Golf

George Costanza aspired to finally dip his toes into Frolf during the “Summer of George” on Seinfeld. Thus, if George Costanza could do it, nothing keeps you from rattling chains. Disc golf takes tremendous talent to be a powerhouse in the sport, but it doesn’t require a chiseled body or years of training to get the hang of it. If you want a low-maintenance outdoor sport to explore and not as hoity-toity as a traditional golf course, disc golf is your best bet.

Finding an easy sport you can get good at quickly should limit frustrations and maximize the fun you can have. Trying a new sport can backfire if you dread playing because you know you will struggle. Fortunately, these five sports set a low bar for you to jump relatively fast.