What You Can Do To Find the Perfect Fishing Spot

What You Can Do To Find the Perfect Fishing Spot

You could have years of fishing experience under your belt and not catch a thing if you picked the wrong place to cast your line. After you go online and read some fishing forums about fishing hotspots, check out these suggestions on what you can do to find the perfect fishing spot.

Ask Locals

The internet is a great start, but nothing beats the old-fashioned ways of finding prime fishing locations. Figure out the fish you’re hoping to catch, then head to your local sports store or bait shop and talk to the workers. Ask if they know any good areas to find the fish you want. You can also ask about their favorite general fishing spot and keep that in mind for another trip out on the water.

Scope Out Spots

Consider taking a day to scope out a few fishing area options. Take a walk around the water and keep an eye out for the telltale signs of fish. Things like ripples and birds can give you a good sense of the quality of an area. The more action you notice, the better!

Look at Structure and Vegetation

If you’ve been doing this for long enough, you know fish love cover. Scan the water for areas that provide shelter for fish, such as docks, ledges, and overhanging trees. This can help you hone in on where a good place to set up shop will be.

You can also look for vegetation, as different plants attract different types of fish. For example, you can search for hydrilla if you’re hoping to catch bass. Generally, you may also want to scope out areas teeming with water hyacinth, as this free-floating weed provides great cover for fish.

Now that you know what you can do to find the perfect fishing spot, you’re almost ready for the trip to end all trips! Just make sure you have all the essential fishing gear you’ll need, such as a fishing hat to protect yourself from sun damage.