Ways To Keep Your Dog Occupied During the Winter

Ways To Keep Your Dog Occupied During the Winter

It can be challenging during the winter to find ways to engage your dog in physical activity. The chilly weather doesn’t make it easy. Luckily, there are fun ways to keep your dog occupied during the winter that don’t involve going outdoors.

The Shell Game

This game is simple but will provide excellent mental stimulation for your dog. First, grab a few bowls or cups that aren’t transparent. Allow your pup to watch as you hide a treat under one of the three containers. Shuffle them around and encourage your dog to discover which container has the treat. You can also try this game with tennis balls and a muffin tin.

Dog-Safe Toys

Having playtime with toys is an effective way to keep your dog occupied during the winter. Introduce new ones regularly and rotate the toys you already have to keep them interested. Food-dispensing toys are also brilliant options for your pup.

An Obstacle Course

Use hula hoops, pillows, chairs, and other items to create an obstacle course for your dog. Tailor the path to your dog’s abilities and keep it fun for them. You don’t want to discourage them. Also, make sure you reward them with lots of treats and praise.

Remember not to have them jump onto items they aren’t supposed to in the house, such as low-lying tables. Otherwise, they’ll think it’s okay to do so later on.


Opportunities for socializing, such as play dates or days at doggy daycare, are exciting ways to keep your dog occupied. They’re guaranteed to burn off some energy and keep them entertained for hours.

Hide and Seek

This game is one the whole family can join in and play. Tell your dog to stay as you walk away and hide. When you’re ready, call your pup in a cheerful and happy voice. Continue calling them until they find where you’ve been hiding. Don’t forget to give them tons of praise.

If your dog isn’t great with the stay command, have a family member stay with them until you’re ready. You can include others by having more than one person hide at a time.