Ways That You Can Maintain Your Pool

Ways That You Can Maintain Your Pool

Swimming in a pool is a favorite activity of many people around the world. So much so that it’s a major sport. However, the water of a pool can get very dirty and the equipment that runs it needs a lot of maintenance. That’s why you need to know the ways that you can maintain your pool so it’s always ready for use.

Chemical Levels

The water inside a pool, whether it’s for sports or recreation, is not just pure H2O. A lot of chemicals need to be in the water to keep it safe and clean for everyone’s use. Checking and balancing these chemicals is very important for the health and safety of all swimmers.

Clean the Hair and Lint Trap

It’s important to routinely check the hair and lint trap as it traps things often. This guard works a lot like a filter for the larger things that fall off people as they swim. Cleaning this will keep the pool cleaner for all swimmers. Keep in mind that you’ll need to clean it more often if you have more swimmers.

Water Level

As time passes, pool water will evaporate and slowly lower in level. This can be very dangerous and can affect the chemical levels as well. That’s why you want to make sure that the water levels are correct. Each pool has a different level of water that it needs to hold, so look for your specific pool’s amount.

Clean the Pool

There’s just no way to prevent all dirt from getting into your pool, so you’ll need to clean it eventually. The best thing you can do is create a regular cleaning schedule to keep the pool reasonably clean. Plan on using a pool brush and vacuum at least once a week to keep up, and more often if a lot of people use the pool.

Prevent Messes

One big goal of maintenance is to reduce the messiness of the surroundings to limit problems in the future. That’s why installing good filter systems or making sure you cover your pool when it’s not in use are some great steps. Look for things that help limit potential risks to cleanliness, like electric repellents to scare off lizards or pool enclosures which limits bad weather.

These ways that you can maintain your pool are just the basics to help your pool stay clean. You still need all the proper equipment for the pool, like filters, and these steps won’t help you clean the pool if it is horribly dirty. But for a normal, clean pool, these tips should be enough.