Upgrades That Can Make Your Golf Cart Safer

Upgrades That Can Make Your Golf Cart Safer

Golf carts are practical and fun modes of transportation for zipping around the golf course or making your way through a gated community. Before you hit the road or the greens at full speed, you should invest in a few upgrades that can make your golf cart safer. Every golf cart owner should prioritize safety, so we’ll explore five essential upgrades that keep you and your passengers protected.

Install Seat Belts

Adding seat belts to your golf cart might seem like a basic upgrade, but it can save lives! Although golf carts don’t travel at high speeds, accidents can happen, and the impact can result in serious injuries. Ensure your new seat belts are retractable, easy to click in and out, and feature adjustable restraints for maximum safety and comfort.

Upgrade Your Lights

Visibility is key when cruising around in your golf cart. Upgrading your lighting system can make a significant difference in your ability to see and be seen. Install LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signals to boost your golf cart’s visibility. Having adequate lighting is one of the most important factors in determining if your golf cart is safe to drive at night. Don’t forget about adding a horn to alert pedestrians or other vehicles of your presence.

Invest in a Rearview Camera

Installing a backup camera is one of the best upgrades that can make your golf cart safer. A rearview camera can dramatically improve your golf cart’s safety by providing a clear view of what’s behind you, making it easier to avoid other golf carts, pedestrians, or obstacles. This upgrade is handy in busy areas where you must pay attention to many things when driving.

Strengthen the Braking System

Prioritize upgrading your golf cart’s braking systems. Hydraulic disc brakes are great for improving stopping power, especially for electric golf carts. Regularly check and care for your brake pads for optimal performance, and ensure the handbrake functions properly when you park your cart on an incline.

Add Protective Accessories

Consider adding protective features like a roll bar or roll cage in the event of a rollover accident. You might also want to add brush guards, which can protect the cart’s body from damage and increase its durability.