Top 5 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have

Top 5 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have

You may have a stunning outfit, but without accessories, it’s just incomplete. The truth is that your ensemble is never as polished as it could be without the right accoutrements. They provide the finishing touch that makes you look flawless.

Fortunately, men’s fashion typically only consists of a few key embellishments. Add these top fashion accessories every man should have to your wardrobe and complete your outfit every time!

A Wristwatch

The wristwatch is one of the essential accessories in any wardrobe. A watch complements your outfit and subtly portrays you as a focused, approachable person. High-quality wristwatches also add a sense of class that can help you elevate a casual look to business casual and beyond.

A watch offers a perfect balance between fashion and practicality, but you must choose the style right. Distinct types and styles of watches suit different looks. For instance, sports watches look tacky when worn with formal clothes. Metallic watches are a glimmering and sleek alternative for formal wear. Leather or matte watches are a subtle addition to more casual looks.

Ties and Bow Ties

While many people are now working remotely and may not wear business attire daily, it’s wise to keep a complete, well-fitted, professional look waiting in your closet. That’s where a tie or bow tie comes in.

Not only does a tie provide a classy feel, but it also earns you respect. That’s why we recommend that you keep an assortment of ties in your wardroom for work, meetings, and formal parties.

A Weekender Bag

A weekend bag is a versatile accessory any man should have—it’s suitable for the work commute, traveling, or just going to the gym.

Invest in a high-quality weekender bag, as it will make your life easier and more practical. Ensure the bag you go for has different compartments and fits within airlines’ “overhead” storage requirements. A well-packed weekender bag can store a spare shirt, toiletries, tech, and even a change of shoes with room to spare.


Sunglasses come in handy often, especially during those summer vacations. That’s why you should invest in several outstanding pairs of sunglasses as part of your go-to wardrobe accessories.

When buying sunglasses, search for a pair with polarized lenses and full UV protection. The polarization will help protect your eyes from the glare on the road or the sea. You also want to find a frame that complements the shape of your face, the color of your eyes, and your hairstyle.

A Slim Wallet

A wallet is one of the top fashion accessories every man should have. It keeps your documents, cards, and cash safe while serving as a subtle way to showcase your personality in front of family, friends, and dates.

Bifold wallets provide a classic look, but they tend to collect junk and create a clear, unappealing silhouette in your pocket. Consider a slim wallet that allows you to carry a few cards without impacting your slacks.