Tips for Updating Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Tips for Updating Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

The kitchen is where a lot of life happens, so of course we all want ours to feel like an extension of ourselves and a space we want to be in. Updating your kitchen on a tight budget is easy with a little planning and some fun ideas. Large jobs like painting the cabinets and small things like new faucets all make a big difference.


It’s amazing what the right lighting can do in a room. Does your kitchen feeling a bit gloomy? Brighten it up with better lighting. Canned lights and track lighting often serve a kitchen better than an old fluorescent light.

Or maybe the lighting is bright, but the fixtures are outdated. A quick trip to your local home improvement store can remedy that. Choose some new fixtures and your electrician can install them in a day.

The small change of lighting will give you a new outlook on your kitchen.

Paint the Cabinets

This option takes a bit longer but is well worth it. It can be done in a weekend if you are committed and use the right tools. Today, anything goes with cabinet colors, so be creative and have fun with it!

With cabinets being such a focal point in a kitchen, painting them a bright new color will make a bold statement and give you a brand-new kitchen.

Open Shelving

It sounds intimidating, but it’s pretty simple—and it doesn’t cost a lot to tear down cabinets and install open shelves.

Choose an area where you could imagine open shelves and work without closed cabinet doors. It may take some rearranging of items you want to hide and items you’d like to display, but in the end open shelves will make the entire kitchen feel more open and unique.

Little Things

Let’s discuss a few little things you may not think of as you consider redecorating your kitchen on a budget.


If you’re only buying one thing, splurge on a cool kitchen faucet and making it the focal point of your kitchen.

Outlet Covers and Switch Plates

Clean new outlet covers and switch plates can improve the look of your walls. The old ones can be switched out in about five minutes.

While you’re at it, make sure you install GFCI outlets for safety if your kitchen doesn’t have them.


Simply removing old hardware using a screwdriver and replacing it with new hardware will instantly update your cabinets. It may be the only boost your kitchen needs.

Make sure to measure between the hardware holes if necessary to match sizes when replacing.

Updating your kitchen on a tight budget can be fun and won’t take a lot of time. You don’t have to knock out walls to make the kitchen of your dreams—you just need a little creativity.