Thoughtful Gifts To Give Your Spiritual Friends

Thoughtful Gifts To Give Your Spiritual Friends

Have you ever wondered which thoughtful gifts to give your spiritual friends? Sometimes when we’re in a rush, we tend to head to the local store and pick up a random gift we think our friends would enjoy. Most of the time, that method works, and we look like a hero!

But it’s a little different with our spiritual friends. The gifts we give our spiritual friends require more care and attention to make sure we’re helping them on their spiritual journey. Here are some gift ideas you can use!

Healing Crystals

Crystals balance energy and help us achieve our goals, happiness, and peace. With hundreds of different crystals used for various purposes, it may help to ask your friend what they’re looking to accomplish in life. You can start by asking them questions like:

  • “Are you looking to change anything in your life?”
  • “Do you feel ambitious and motivated?”
  • “Are you struggling to heal from something?”
  • “What do you want most out of life?”

By asking these questions, you can determine which crystals will best provide them with what they need. For example, if your friend hopes to boost their productivity at work, blue quartz will provide them with mental clarity, creativity, and focus. Keep in mind that there are several factors to consider when giving crystals as a gift.

Guided Journal

A guided journal can help your friend achieve peace and mental clarity within themselves. Encouraging them to write in a guided journal will enable them to tap into their emotions and increase self-awareness.

This gift is extraordinary, even for your traveling friends—this journal can help them stay grounded while they’re exploring new environments.

Meditation App

A unique and thoughtful gift you can give your spiritual friend is a meditation app. Relaxing, mental health-focused apps like Headspace allow you to purchase a subscription to give as a gift. Now that meditation has entered the mainstream to provide peace for our minds, we can gift peace to our friends.

Meditation Cushion

Often, we tend to slouch when we meditate, which leads to poor posture and unnecessary stress on the body. If your friend already has a meditation app, you can buy a meditation cushion to help them enter their minds more comfortably.

“Breathing” Box

A breathing box contains essential oils, bath bombs, and candles to help one breathe easier and peacefully. This box can be beneficial if you’re having a bad day—it’s a quick and easy way to destress by elevating our breathing techniques.

The above thoughtful gifts to give your spiritual friends are simple yet impactful. These are the perfect spiritual gifts to give to someone on their spiritual journey or interested in embracing their spiritual side.

Phil Fischer 

It is wonderful at all times, regardless of the situations you are facing, being in God’s presence. Trusting in the lord impacts our lives in many ways, and this is the gospel Phil Fischer preaches all the time. He is a former atheist, rock musician, tech entrepreneur, and the founder of Jesus Lives in Bellevue, Washington, and he has shown that everything is possible in Christ.

Fischer believed Christianity did not make sense, but it all changed when he encountered the Holy Spirit. He started seeing the world as it is and what it meant for all of us. Today, he believes God will use any way to bring anyone to his kingdom. 

One of Phil Fischer’s beliefs is that many people live in a dream world, and we are just souls walking around in God-given bodies. All human beings are struggling between good and evil and should let the Holy Spirit transform their lives. Just like God did to him, he can still do it to you and start worshiping in truth and spirit.