Things You Need To Know To Live Off the Grid

Things You Need To Know To Live Off the Grid

Getting off the grid requires planning, money, and a good amount of elbow grease. Living off-grid is a smart money move in the long run, but you’ll have to jump a few hurdles before you see those benefits. Here are some things you need to know to live off the grid.

Finding Land with Water

When you’re buying land to live on, make a water source your priority. Natural sources of water such as rivers and springs are ideal, as these are renewable sources of the life-sustaining liquid. If you cannot buy land with a water source, make sure you live somewhere with reliable rainfall, and build your home to collect rainwater. You can’t drink the water as-is in either case, so consider purchasing a LifeStraw or some other purification method.

Picking a Shelter

You’re going to need some form of shelter to live comfortably. There’s a growing demand for RVs and buses as converted shelters, so you can find plenty of resources to make those into great living spaces. Log cabins are another classic choice for off-the-grid living, and you can even build one yourself to save money. Depending on where you’re planning to live geographically, ensure your living space is equipped for the seasons.

Learning To Use Tools

One of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself in the long run is to purchase and learn how to use a wide variety of tools. Things will break from time to time, and your life will be much easier if you can fix these problems yourself. Perhaps the most essential tool of all is a circular saw: any home repairs to a log cabin will require you to cut some wood, and almost all home improvement projects will need some form of cutting as well.

Using Renewable Energy

Fossil fuels are killing the planet, and their limited supply means their prices are only going to go up. Instead of using gas power, outfit your home with a renewable energy source such as solar power. The benefits of solar energy are numerous, but the most appealing is that the right solar panel setup will completely take care of your electricity needs.

Now that you understand the things you need to know to live off the grid, take your living situation into your own hands and embrace the freedom this lifestyle brings.