The Ultimate List of Longboarding Tricks You Need To Learn

The Ultimate List of Longboarding Tricks You Need To Learn

So, you want to start implementing tricks while longboarding? Once you have the basics down and feel comfortable cruising along on your board, you’re ready to begin practicing tricks! Go over our ultimate list of longboarding tricks you need to learn to start this journey. Once you nail these new moves, you’ll turn heads whenever you zoom past someone outside.

Beginner Longboarding Tricks

If you don’t have any tricks under your belt yet, you should start with beginner-friendly moves. You should never skip beginner tricks because they lay the foundation for learning the rest of the advanced tricks on this list. For example, frontside and backside body varial can help you retain your balance on the board while moving your body.

Other beginner tricks to learn include:

  • Nollie frontside/backside shove it
  • Frontside/backside pivot
  • Tail/nose manual
  • No-comply 180
  • Ghostride kickflip

Intermediate Longboarding Tricks

Now that you have a base of knowledge for tricks, you can start teaching yourself more intricate moves. Remember that practice makes perfect. The more you do these tricks while you’re longboarding, the easier they will be to accomplish. These tricks will be more straightforward to learn when using a longboard designed for freestyling.

Here are the best intermediate tricks to learn:

  • Half moon
  • Ollie
  • Frontside pirouette
  • G-turn
  • Aero slam

Advanced Longboarding Tricks

If you’ve made it past intermediate tricks, you can move on to advanced moves. However, it’s crucial that you have plenty of experience in longboarding before attempting these tricks because you can accidentally damage your board or injure yourself. Don’t rush into these advanced tricks; ensure you’re comfortable and confident in your ability to perform the previous tricks first.

Most of the advanced tricks on this list are a combination of easier moves. Here is what you might learn:

  • Full cab
  • Varial kickflip
  • Handstand
  • Fakie no-comply bigger spin
  • Circus flip

Longboard Dancing Tricks

You might be wondering what longboard dancing is and how to start doing it. You can actually start learning how to longboard dance after you master the basics of beginner moves. Dancing and longboarding simultaneously can be exhilarating and a way to show expression. Watching someone gracefully maneuver around a longboard while it’s moving forward is quite mesmerizing.

Here is the list of dancing steps to learn:

  • Chop and pan
  • 180 step
  • Cross step over
  • Lazy Susan
  • Peter Pan

Now that you have an exhaustive list of longboarding tricks you need to learn, you can get out there and start practicing! Please note that these are not the only tricks you can learn; there are many others.