The Key Components That Make Your Cell Phone Work

The Key Components That Make Your Cell Phone Work

Almost everyone has a cell phone, but not many people know what’s inside it. If you’re curious how a cell phone works, we’ll break it down for you! Read on to discover the key components that make your cell phone work.


Over the years, cell phone batteries have moved from nickel-cadmium cells to nickel-metal-hydride cells and finally to lithium-ion cells. With each advancement, batteries became smaller and longer lasting—all the way up until today, when we have cell phones that can last for 19 hours of video playback. We’re not sure who’s watching videos for 19 hours straight, but whoever they are, they’re probably happy to have a lithium-ion battery!


Be honest: If you open up your phone, will you find dozens of apps running in the background? If so, you have your RAM (random access memory) to thank for that. Most mobile phones have gotten multitasking down to a science, where apps running in the background are barely using memory. This lets a user open app after app without slowing down their phone—but please, for the sake of human decency, close some of those background apps. Like they say about spaces, a cluttered phone is a cluttered mind.


We can’t forget the CPU, or central processing unit. Current cell phones are essentially computers, and the CPU component is the reason—it’s the brain of the device, controlling every section. If your CPU becomes faulty, you’ll lose your keyboard and display, and sooner or later, your phone will die.

Radiation Shield

You may have heard whisperings that cell phones once gave off radiation and that headaches and insomnia come along with a mobile device. Whether or not this was ever a significant concern, modern cell phones are equipped with radiation shielding, protecting users and the sensitive electronics in your phone from harmful radiation.

Now that you know the key components that make your cell phone work, you hopefully have a better appreciation for the incredible technology we all take for granted. Make use of your phone to call your family and friends and share what you learned!