The Best Ways To Decorate Your Own Man Cave

The Best Ways To Decorate Your Own Man Cave

The man cave concept has been around for decades and is still a common part of society. This room is dedicated to the idea of solitude and comfort away from the troubles of the outside world. With that in mind, you want to make sure that when you look around the room, you see the walls decorated with items that bring you joy and tranquility.


Art is a great way to decorate any space with lively colors and themes and is one of the best ways to decorate your own man cave. The art you decide to use is entirely your choice, but for the sake of keeping a theme, you’ll want to compare it to the items around you and the style of the room, then make the frame a color that complements the walls. The art you use should be a favorite piece that brings you a sense of calmness.

Trophies and Medals

We like to look upon reminders of our accomplishments and the fond memories of overcoming obstacles. Placing medals or trophies in a display case or deep frame will add an air of success to a man cave. Even if few people will see them, these awards make a lovely tribute to the hard work you put into acquiring them.

Sports Gear

Many people value their sports merchandise, and it’s one of the best ways to decorate your man cave. We respect the teams that these products represent so much that we want to display them. A hanging sports jersey or an autographed item from a sports game is a standard item for the walls of a man cave.

Using a shadow box will give off a unique lighting effect that makes your jersey stand out. You will look upon it with happiness and pride for the team represented.


Pictures are often windows into memories of good times. Lining the walls with pictures of people you love or memories of a particular event will make the room feel familiar with so many known faces. You have the option of getting creative and using custom frames for your photos.


As the man cave is supposed to be a place of recollection and safety, you’ll want items that give you peace of mind. Many of us have things that we have a close personal connection with, whether it’s a stuffed animal, musical instrument, or even a scrap of paper. Add shelving to display any large-scale items and use plaques and frames to display anything small.

A man cave will supply that state of mind that we want in the world but are usually unable to achieve. Decorating your space is the way to make that feeling as authentic as possible.