The Best Upgrades for Your Boat This Offseason

The Best Upgrades for Your Boat This Offseason

Winter in Pennsylvania means boat owners have to put their prized vessels into storage for the offseason. But the offseason also gives boat owners time to make valuable upgrades.

Our guide will explain some of the best and simplest upgrades you can make to your boat this offseason that you’ll love once the summer comes around again!

Install USB Ports

When on your boat and out on the water, you typically don’t have the luxury of an outlet or charging port nearby to keep your phone and accessories charged. You can get a portable charger, but those are easy to lose and require frequent charging at home.

Instead, make things easier for yourself and your guests by installing a couple of USB charging ports! This upgrade is straightforward and inexpensive and ensures that the electronics on your boat are always sufficiently charged for fun or emergencies.

New Fish Finder

Do you take your boat out on the water with friends and family to reel in some fish? One of the best tools in a deep-water fishing captain’s arsenal is an electronic fish finder to point them in the right direction.

Whether you already have a fish finder or not, installing or upgrading your fish finder is a simple and excellent way to make your fishing voyages much more rewarding! Installation and upgrades are typically easy and can mean more satisfying fishing trips for years to come.

Switch to Lithium Batteries

One of the simplest and best ways to upgrade your boat’s performance and value this offseason is by swapping out the standard lead-acid battery for a marine lithium unit. When it comes to lead-acid and marine lithium batteries, it’s not much of a comparison, as a lithium battery offers many advantages to boat owners, including:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Greater power storage
  • Hold their charge longer
  • Lighter than lead-acid batteries

The switch is a no-brainer upgrade, and maintenance for marine lithium batteries is straightforward.

Add a Marine Wi-Fi Extender

It can be frustrating when you’re out on the water and can’t find a signal, but you don’t always have to feel lost at sea when it comes to the internet! With a new marine Wi-Fi extender, you can quickly access the internet from your boat, even if you’re far from land.

A marine Wi-Fi extender lets you share photos, make clear calls, send emails, or browse the web while on the water. Plus, it’s an added safety precaution should you ever be in an emergency and need to make contact while out on the water.