The Best Sounds You Hear in a Baseball Game

The Best Sounds You Hear in a Baseball Game

Each sport has sounds that you associate with the greatness of the sport. However, baseball might be at the top of the list of sports with the most appealing sounds. Next time you attend or participate in a game, you should take in the best sounds you hear in a baseball game.

The Pop of the Mitt

There’s no sound more beautiful to a baseball fan than the pop of the mitt; it’s almost euphoric every time you hear leather on leather. Most youth players try to mimic the sound of a 90+ mph heater hitting the glove by quickly snapping their mitt once they catch the ball. However, nothing comes close to the Major League experience of a big leaguer warming up in the bullpen.

Pitter-Patter of Metal Cleats

The clatter of the cleats is a sound that’s hard to hear as a spectator, considering it’s more in tune with what you hear on the bench as a player. As someone moves through the ranks, they can begin to wear metal spikes on their shoes. While they give you a better grip in the infield dirt, their best feature is the click-clacking in the dugout. It sounds like the entire team is doing a tap dance number as they walk across the dugout. That distinct sound makes you feel like you’re home.

A Swooshing Slide

A perfectly-executed slide is one of the prettier things you’ll see on a baseball diamond; the swooshing sound that comes with it is a bonus. There isn’t a way to describe the beauty of the wooshing type sound to someone who doesn’t understand the game. Yet, every seamhead knows how magical it is.

The Crack of the Bat

The great thing about baseball is that the crack of the bat is blissful, regardless of if it’s wooden or composite. A ball that comes off the sweet spot of a wooden bat feels as good as it sounds. That feeling of nothingness while the ball flies through the sky is an incredible experience.

The ping of a composite bat may not sound as natural, especially if you hear the sound it makes from a shaved bat, but it still has its charm.

Combining all the best sounds you hear in a baseball game, the crowd’s roar will soon follow. No matter the play, the jubilation of 40 people at a Little League park or the 30,000 people at an MLB stadium will be evident.