The Best Plants To Give Others as a Present

The Best Plants To Give Others as a Present

When it comes to giving and what makes the best gift, plants may not immediately come to mind. Giving someone a present that requires care and attention doesn’t exactly seem that great. But that’s only true if you don’t know the person. Plants can be wonderful for people who like them, which is why you should know which plants make the best gifts.

The Money Tree

A great plant to start with is the money tree, which represents prosperity and financial gain. This tree isn’t too much work to care for and can grow in humid climates, which makes it easy to keep healthy. As long as it has its special sand-mixed soil and good drainage, the money tree will thrive.

The Hardy Succulent

If you want to give someone a plant that’s difficult to kill and easy to grow, then you should look no further than a succulent. These hardy plants look amazing and need very little attention or water to grow. The person you give it to just needs to follow some good watering tips for succulents to ensure no problems arise. For instance, they should avoid getting water on their leaves and never leave standing water in their pots.

A Christmas Cactus

If you’re looking for a gift with a captivating look, the Christmas cactus is a prime candidate you should consider. This plant is green with beautiful red flowers that show up when it blooms. As a cactus, this plant requires very little in the way of care or water. This is why it’s one of the best plants to give others as a present.

The Philodendron

When people think of green plants, they may picture the philodendron. It’s a common first plant for many. The green leaves and stem look amazing, and the philodendron requires very little care and water to thrive in a home. That’s why lots of people like getting them for their houses as decorations.

Any of these plants can be an appreciated gift for someone you know and care about. However, you should be careful when giving these plants out, as not everyone likes plants. It’s best to work with someone who knows the recipient’s plant tastes to pick what will best fit their home.