The Best Cities To Play Pickleball in the US

The Best Cities To Play Pickleball in the US

As pickleball skyrockets in popularity across the country, new and seasoned players alike can keep an eye out for the best new courts, complexes, and communities sprouting up around the US. If you’re looking to visit one of the best cities to play pickleball in the US, these five will be perfect for your next match.

Riverside, CA

California claims the title of one of the most pickleball-friendly states in the country. Consistent warm weather and a statewide cultural emphasis on leisure sports and outdoor activities create the perfect environment for pickleball players. As old tennis courts are fitted for pickleball across both northern and southern California, parks and clubs alike have opened their arms to the growing sport. Riverside, CA, takes the cake as the best city in Cali for finding indoor and outdoor courts!

Phoenix, AZ

With thousands of active players and its own Pickleball Player League, Arizona isn’t messing around when it comes to the pickleball scene. The state’s low average annual rainfall opens up more days on outdoor courts. Phoenix, AZ, has even successfully hosted small-gathering pickleball tournaments despite the pandemic!

Las Vegas, NV

Nevada, another state with a dry climate great for the sport, has embraced pickleball with open arms in the past few years. Multiple resorts and hotels have broken ground on their own pickleball courts, and Las Vegas also created the Sunset Park Pickleball Complex this year. This complex houses 24 brand-new pickleball-only courts right in the heart of Vegas.

Salt Lake City, UT

Home to the most outdoor courts in the country, Salt Lake City, UT, is another prime location for pickleball players. Utah has a large number of pickleball-friendly recreation centers across the state that are both paid and public, and the outdoor courts of Salt Lake City pair well with an incredible mountain view.

St. Louis, MO

For pickleball fans looking to meet new players and see pickleball teams in action, St. Louis, MO, is the ideal city. As of 2020, St. Louis has the most pickleball clubs and communities in the US. Players who are just starting out have ready access to training and practice opportunities, while veteran players can find plenty of others with experience in the state.

Though these may be the best cities to play pickleball in the US, this inherently welcoming sport is friendly to all ages and player backgrounds, so no matter when and where you choose to play, you’ll have a great time. Pickleball has a number of benefits and makes for a fun family vacation activity any day.