Sustainable Alternatives to Fast Fashion

Sustainable Alternatives to Fast Fashion

It’s no secret that the fast fashion industry often harms the environment. Businesses in the fast fashion industry often pollute natural sources of water, waste precious resources, and release harmful toxins into the air. For these reasons, many consumers choose alternative ways to obtain the clothing they want without supporting the fast fashion industry. Check out some of these sustainable alternatives to fast fashion.

Thrift Stores

Some of the most popular sustainable alternatives to fast fashion are thrift stores. There are many reasons why thrift stores are more ethical than department stores. They are also more sustainable. Thrift stores sell second-hand clothing. This prevents landfill waste and reduces the demand for new clothing from the fast fashion industry.

Seamstresses or Tailors

Seamstresses and tailors can create outfits that match your style and fit perfectly. Additionally, many of these local businesses need and appreciate your support! When you hire a seamstress to create or alter your clothes, you avoid buying from and supporting the unsustainable fast fashion industry.

Clothing Swaps

If you don’t want to purchase new clothing, consider holding a clothing swap. A clothing swap allows people to get together and trade clothes. It’s a popular way for parents to obtain clothes for their growing children, but many adults use a clothing swap, too. All you need to do is call your friends and family members, find a meeting place, and bring some clothes to trade.

Sustainable Brands

Many people purchase items from unethical and unsustainable brands because they aren’t aware of their actions. Before purchasing clothes from a department store, see if they are from a sustainable brand. If the brand is in the fast fashion industry, it’s best to choose a different, more sustainable alternative instead. Supporting sustainable brands will help reduce demand for the fast fashion industry and encourage others to live eco-friendly lifestyles.