Surprising Flavors: Unexpected Foods That Pair with Wine

Surprising Flavors: Unexpected Foods That Pair with Wine

Every food snob knows you should pair chardonnay with fatty fish and pinot noir with truffles. But there’s a whole world of offbeat yet delicious wine and food pairings that go completely unseen by the average foodie. By delving into the unexpected foods that pair with wine, you can uncover new flavor possibilities. Read this list and see if any of these make your mouth water.

Fried Chicken and Sparkling Wine

Though it’s better known for pairing with cheese and chocolate, Champagne fits right in with salty foods such as potato chips, french fries, and fried chicken. Champagne and other sparkling wines contain an abundance of acidity, which cuts through fatty snacks. Also, the bubbles lighten the palate.

Tacos and Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc pairs well with tacos in much the same way margaritas do. Both beverages accentuate the lightly citric taste of a taco with just a bit of lime squeezed on top. A nice white wine will dance along with that citric taste and wash down nicely with a spicy bite.

Beef Jerky and Red Merlot

Plain beef jerky pairs well with the robust flavor of a red merlot. The drink also goes well with other meat and dairy foods, such as mild cheeses, cold cuts, and steak. Jerky actually pairs well with all sorts of delicious wines; so there’s almost definitely a perfect jerky and wine pair for you.

Mac and Cheese and Chardonnay

Another excellent example of an unexpected food that pairs with wine: there’s something truly exquisite about the way creamy, rich pasta works with an oaky, acidic chardonnay. Enjoying a glass of wine with a bowl of mac and cheese will add a level of class to an otherwise no-frills meal. Pour a glass, scoop a bowl, and appreciate a little spice in your life.

Burgers and Red Wine

Spoil yourself and try a burger topped with Dijon mustard and a glass of pinot noir. Just as red wine and steak are a classic pairing, you can also enjoy other red meats with a dry wine. Enjoy the wine with a thick gourmet burger or even just something off the discount menu at your favorite fast-food joint.