Superfoods You Should Add into Your Diet

Superfoods You Should Add into Your Diet

Many foods in the world can add great nutritional value to your diet, but superfoods take it to another level. Only foods that contain many nutrients and very few calories count as superfoods. They’re great for adding into your standard meals, either as main courses or as sides or snacks. Here are some superfoods you should add into your diet.


A lot of dark green, leafy plants have great nutrition for people, and kale is no exception. Whether you eat it crunchy or cooked, kale contains numerous vitamins and minerals for immune health and fiber for digestive health as well.


The avocado is a very low-carb berry that contains large amounts of many nutrients. You can find multiple vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamins C and K along with potassium, in a single serving of avocado.

Beef Jerky

Not all superfoods are plants or vegetables: grass-fed beef is a wonderful food for the human body. Containing good amounts of protein and no preservatives, beef jerky is great for anyone who wants a savory snack on the road or after working out.

Sea Vegetables or Sea Moss

Most people don’t think about sea moss as a food, much less a superfood. However, this stuff is amazing for people’s health, as it contains fiber, iodine, and iron, which the body needs for its health. This is just one of the reasons why you should add sea vegetables to your diet.


Quinoa is a plant grain that’s very popular as a pasta or rice replacement in many traditional meals, making it great at turning meals you already like into heathy foods that taste the same. Quinoa has few carbs and calories plus many of the amino acids and other nutrients the body needs to function.

These are just a few of the superfoods you should add into your diet, as doing so may improve your body’s health. Mind you, none of these foods are all-encompassing; they add balance to your meals, but they don’t cover every nutrient you need in a day.