My wife and I saw Pascal Dupuis in church the other day.

I don’t know why I go apeshit when I see a celebrity in person as if they don’t do regular people stuff just like we do, but it happens so infrequently for me so it’s always a big deal. Plus I am so bad with names and faces that I barely ever notice. Like if I see someone I work with outside of the workplace in a restaurant or something it always takes me like 15 minutes to remember who it is. Same with people I am really close to. My wife surprised me at work for lunch once and I didn’t even notice her right away. (Oh…hey…I know you!) Some day I am going to make for a very crazy old person.

The last “famous” person I saw was Bill Hillgrove at my daughter’s soccer game. I’m assuming he was there watching his grandkid. You would think he wanted to keep a low profile but he was cheering them on the loudest…in that all too familiar announcer voice. It’s like he can’t help but do play-by-play everywhere he goes. Surreal.

Anyway, this is the conversation my wife and I had in church when we saw Dupuis:

Wife: (whispering) I think that’s Pascal Dupuis over there.

Me: (whispering) Ha. That does look like him. I don’t think it is though.

Wife: (whispering) No. It’s definitely him. I can tell.

Me: (whispering) Pretty sure it’s not. But I’ll text John. He’ll know.

(John Coctostan also happened to be at church that day and I always text in church because I don’t give a fuck. Before I could text him though, I saw that he had already sent me one: “Pascal Dupuis is here.”)

Me: (whispering) You’re right. It’s him.

Wife: (whispering) Told you.

(15 minutes later)

Me: (whispering) If it isn’t him, whoever it is is probably wondering why I keep staring at him.”

Wife: (whispering) Yes. Please stop staring.

Me: (whispering) I’ve never seen him here before. He must never go to church.

Wife: (whispering) We hardly ever go to church. He could be here every week for all you know.

Me: (whispering) Right.

(15 minutes later)

Me: (whispering) Do you think we need to get Sid better wingers?

Wife: (whispering) What? Be quiet. (pause) Are you still talking about Pascal Dupuis?

Me: (whispering) He did have 25 goals this year. And that was without Sid. Weird. Still, I don’t think he’ll do it again.

Wife: (whispering) Shut up. We’re in church.

Me: Amen. (Everyone else was saying Amen so I said it too.)

By the way, it was definitely him but I have no idea why the priest didn’t immediately pause to acknowledge him in the middle of mass. “Uhh…Ladies and Gentlemen…If you haven’t noticed, we are all in the presence of Greatness today. Duper…stand up and take a bow! Stanley Cup champion, everyone! You never know when you’ll come to church and get a treat like this, right folks?”

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  1. Players should have to wear their numbers on the back of their suits, when they’re out in public, so that we know for sure. So inconsiderate.

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