Signs You’re Overly Obsessed With Crafts Crafts Crafts

Signs You’re Overly Obsessed With Crafts Crafts Crafts

Markers, paintbrushes, and colored pencils—oh my! As exciting as it is to begin a new hobby and craft, it’s also relaxing to focus on something and learn a skill. Are you in denial about your addiction to the creative arts? Check out these signs you’re overly obsessed with crafts crafts crafts.

You’re Only Reading This Because You’re Not Crafting

When you’re in the middle of a project, the rest of the world gets blocked out. It’s easy to lose track of time and space when you want to perfect and finish something. You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you were in the middle of a painting or a quilt. Some don’t even talk to their friends while in the midst of their craft.

Everyone Compliments Your Work

You know you’ve practiced your craft if others compliment you. Even if you can’t tell that it’s good, others can, and that’s a sign that you’re passionate. Whether you draw, write, or build something, it takes time to get it right. Even if you aren’t happy with the outcome yet, you might be close if others have noticed.

You Don’t Need a Craft Room

You don’t need a craft room because you craft in every room. While it’s helpful to have a room that holds all your items and allows you to escape the rest of your home, many crafters craft everywhere they go. You may take your crochet needles and thread in the car, carry a coloring book around the house, or use a tablet to design digital landscapes, logos, and more.


It’s heaven for crafters. Those who love to create can get lost in this app for hours. It allows you to create boards and organize projects you dream of completing someday. Just about anyone can find an obsession to fall into on Pinterest.

Craft Stores Are Dangerous

If you fear going to the craft store because you might come out with stuff you don’t need, you’re probably obsessed with crafting. It’s easy to walk in and see the needlepoint kits that include everything you need and decide right then and there that it will be your new hobby. Most crafters have supplies lying around they don’t use. The best part is that they can become gifts or useful materials for your next obsession.

You probably already know the signs you’re overly obsessed with crafts if you love to create. Don’t let anyone take your passion from you if you enjoy taking on many hobbies. You don’t have to engage with every craft every day to consider yourself skilled. Dabble in everything and learn any art you want to learn.