Reselling Cars: How To Preserve the Value of Your Car

Reselling Cars: How To Preserve the Value of Your Car

Cars are expensive pieces of equipment, but they’ve become necessary for millions of Americans for normal travel. One way people offset this cost is by reselling their vehicles after they use them for a while. However, the money you get back can vary wildly depending on your vehicle’s state when you sell. That’s why if you plan on selling your vehicle, you should first learn how to preserve the value of your car.

Maintain Parts

One of the biggest price drops when reselling a car is from bad parts inside the vehicle. Small amounts of wear on your car won’t make too much difference if all the parts are functioning. However, taking care of your car’s parts will have a massive effect on its resale value.


The newer a car is, the more the car sells for, and mileage is a good measure of the age of a car. The higher the mileage, the less desirable the car. So keeping your mileage low will greatly improve the final resale value, though it means you can’t use the car very often in the first place.

Repair the Outside

The outer appearance of a car has a big influence on its value, which is why a good exterior appearance is so important. Even small dents and scratches in your paint can decrease the resale value. However, repairing the exterior can take some money, so figure out if auto-reconditioning is worth the investment for your car.

Keep the Inside Clean

Like the outside of the car, a clean inner portion of your vehicle will improve the resale value. Do what you can to prevent and clean any stains or scuff marks in the vehicle. Many people put down seat covers and other coverings while driving so that the car doesn’t get dirty. You can always bring the car in for cleaning, but this takes time and money.


Many people like adding modifications to their vehicles. Modifications can be great when the original owner uses the vehicle. However, these modifications can lower the car’s value, as most people prefer their own systems and mods on their cars. So try taking off any modifications on the car when you go to sell it for a better price.

This is how to preserve the value of your car when you go to resell it. By taking these steps into account, you can really maximize your potential profits from a car you’ve already used. By keeping your car as neat and new as possible, you can eventually sell it for a good price.