Reel ’Em In: Top Reasons To Plan a Romantic Fishing Date

Reel ’Em In: Top Reasons To Plan a Romantic Fishing Date

Conventional wisdom will tell you that you should never take a potential love interest fishing. Why not? Well, the funky smells, cold dampness, and general sliminess are not obvious aphrodisiacs. But don’t give up on the idea. There are plenty of top reasons to plan a romantic fishing date.

The Great Outdoors

“Fishing” in Pennsylvania can mean just about anything. There are more than 85,000 miles of streams and rivers, not to mention the endless inland waters and Lake Erie. Whatever your speed, you can choose an activity that will tell you pretty efficiently whether you’re meant to be together. Pack a picnic basket for some quiet riverside angling. Take a boat on the water to troll for trout. Help each other into waders, and learn how to fly fish. Show your partner what you love to do, or go on a new adventure together.

The Quiet Moments

If conversation comes easily to the two of you, you’ll have a lot to talk about. If not, there’s enough to do that you can get to know each other without forcing it. Fishing is about patience, so a relationship can unfold more naturally than quizzing each other over appetizers. Maybe you’ll find out that you have a lot in common. Maybe you won’t—but you’ll discover that you both passionately hate cleaning fish. If you can laugh together over fish guts, there’s hope for you.

The Mood Lighting

A fishing date doesn’t have to involve squinting at each other from under floppy hats. Many Pittsburgh-area spots allow night fishing, and some enthusiasts swear they have more success with the fish biting in the wee hours. Moonlight is one of the top reasons to plan a romantic fishing date, but so is the underwater dock light that emits a supernaturally green glow. You won’t get that kind of ambiance anywhere else.

The Next Date

Check all local regulations, but if you stay within the limits, you should have at least some fish to bring home with you. What’s more natural than making plans to cook dinner together? By the following week, you should have showered any slime off and will be ready for a more traditionally romantic date. And that’s how you reel ’em in.