Purchasing Tips for Choosing a New Winter Coat

Purchasing Tips for Choosing a New Winter Coat

Has your old jacket seen better days? Maybe you’ve never quite felt warm enough in your winter coat. These are sure signs it’s time to find something new. Whether you shop online or in stores, you’ll come across a plethora of options you can choose. Use these purchasing tips for choosing a new winter coat so you don’t regret your decision.

Pick a Classic Color

In the interest of buying a winter coat that will last for years and which you can wear with anything, consider a color you’ll love for a long time. Darker shades like black, blue, and brown are timeless, while a color like pink may be difficult to pull off in all situations.

Pay Attention to the Length

A long coat will keep you warm on the coldest days better than one that only goes to your waist. Preserve your body heat with a coat that extends to your thighs. Make sure the sleeves are long enough for you so your wrists aren’t exposed to the cold.

Buy a Size Up

It’s important to wear layers in the winter, even when wearing coats and jackets. Since you’ll want to fit those layers under your coat, make sure it’s big enough to fit them. Purchase a new winter coat that’s a size or two bigger than your usual clothes.

Pro Tip: Buying a larger coat may also help keep you warm. Extra room in your coat helps trap body heat, which can insulate your outerwear.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Good quality winter coats can cost about $100. If you want a stylish one with buttons, hoods, and fur trim, you may pay extra. Since a coat isn’t an item that you buy often, it’s worth splurging to make sure you get one you like that will keep you warm.

Choose One With a Zipper

Choose a winter coat with a separating zipper. One of the differences between separating and non-separating zippers involves the types of clothes with which they work. Most coats either have a zipper or buttons for the fastener. While buttons look cute, zippers provide more protection from the elements. Further, zippers are quicker and easier to use.

Use these purchasing tips for choosing a new winter coat while browsing online or in store. Stick to your boundaries so you don’t end up with a coat you can’t use in a couple of years, or which can’t take the chill in your area. Keep these tips in mind when checking reviews.