Outstanding Ways To Celebrate Sweetest Day

Outstanding Ways To Celebrate Sweetest Day

Whether you already enjoy this tradition or want to start integrating it into your holiday celebrations, there are all sorts of outstanding ways to celebrate Sweetest Day. Since love is essential and there are so many types, we must celebrate it throughout the year. Keep reading to uncover what makes this uncommon holiday something you won’t want to miss this year.

What Is Sweetest Day?

Taking place on October 16, 2021, Sweetest Day has been a holiday for 100 years. Though many don’t agree upon the origins, most believe it started as a charitable holiday. Candymakers in the Midwest took bags of sweets to hospitals and orphanages. It has since evolved into a holiday to share time with loved ones. Though many people still give gifts to their boyfriends, one of the main differences between Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day is that the latter is also for platonic love.

Make Baked Goods Together

Sweetest Day is all about sugar and candy. Plan a day with your loved one where you make your own favorite sweets. Whether you prefer cakes, ice cream, or candy bars, each is fun to make with your favorite person.


Choose the recipe and go shopping for ingredients together for more chances to bond. If any mistakes occur, you won’t get mad because you’ll both be responsible.

Create Crafts for Each Other

Using your skills, create something homemade for your friend or partner. Exchanging gifts is a wonderful way to bond with one another. Make memories when you work together on your crafts. Maybe your friends all enjoy making the same things. You could get together and make presents for one another. Wonderful crafts for Sweetest Day include:

  • Friendship bracelets
  • Greeting cards
  • Bath bombs
  • Soap
  • Paintings
  • Knitted items

Share a Meal

Plan a fabulous meal for you and your loved ones for Sweetest Day. Have a picnic or fabulous brunch that you’ll remember for weeks. Make it an occasion worth dressing up for, and don’t forget to take pictures. Whether you share a meal with your boyfriend or a group of friends, make it romantic to remind yourself that the day is about love.

Explore Outdoor Fall Activities

Since Sweetest Day takes place in the middle of October, you must enjoy fall-themed activities. Since you can’t go apple-picking and carve Jack-O-Lanterns for Valentine’s Day, now is the perfect opportunity. Take your favorite people on a hayride, to a farmer’s market, or out to a corn maze.

Drop Off a Gift

While you could mail a gift to your loved one, consider dropping it off instead. Even if COVID-19 makes it difficult for you to see your friends, try a distanced gift exchange. Make it exciting with balloons and streamers on your home or car, so your friends or family feel included on this special day.

The most outstanding ways to celebrate Sweetest Day are with the ones you love most. Take time this October to recognize those closest to you with a sweet treat or fun activity. If you can, spend time together in the beautiful autumn leaves and air. Turn this holiday into a tradition all your friends will appreciate.