New Summertime Snacks To Try Out

New Summertime Snacks To Try Out

Now that the end of the pandemic seems to be in sight, many people are planning to make up for last year by taking advantage of this summer as much as possible. Whether you’re meeting friends on the beach or spending time with your family at a backyard barbecue, consider some new summertime snacks to try out. One of these delicious options is bound to become a new staple at your parties.

Frozen Fruit Kebabs

Quick and easy to make, kebabs of frozen fruit are a refreshing snack on even the hottest of days. Perfect for adults and kids, this is a substitute for store-bought popsicles that is just as delicious and cool but forsakes the extra sugar and calories. Furthermore, the kebabs can be customized as you see fit. Mix and match your favorite fruits and add other things like chocolate for a savory taste.

Salsa Macha

Chips and dip are a long-running staple of any get-together, which is why we highly recommend introducing salsa macha to your gatherings rather than the same old tomato-based salsa. With smokey flavors and a crunchy texture, salsa macha is as satisfying as it is delicious. It’s the perfect complement to any barbecue and can even be repurposed as an ingredient in the barbecue itself. Even more than that, salsa macha comes in a variety of heat levels so that spice lovers feel the burn, while others can enjoy the rich flavor without worrying about burning up.

Asian Slaw

If you want something as refreshing as the fruit kebabs but a snack that’s a bit less familiar, then we recommend you give Asian slaw a chance. A blend of savoy cabbage, carrots, and rice wine vinegar, it makes for a tangy and tantalizing new summertime snack to try out. Asian slaw is packed with nutrients while being low in calories. You’ll gain the benefits that come with plenty of antioxidants and vitamin C as you enjoy this healthy snack.